Let Us Put Aside Ideologies

Let Us Put Aside Ideologies

I liked the following comment on one of my recent post by Brice Petgen. So, her it is on my main page.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Let us put aside ideologies, or at least try to minimize their influence. There are certain realities that occur with immigration as it currently exists. Immigrants tend to cluster together in similar areas. When you have a large influx of unskilled immigrants cluster in an area, you have a higher incidence of poverty. As the poverty increases then there is an increase in crime. It is not a function of ethnicity but of the relationship between crime and poverty. What happens when there is an atmosphere of come one come all is that we wind up inviting increased crime rates. That puts a strain on the society that the infrastructure is not prepared for. Also with an increase in unskilled immigration there is a direct effect on the social service system, medicaid, welfare, education, health care, etc. Again the infrastructure is not prepared for such an increase. The inability of the infrastructure to deal with the new consumers is a key reason why open border or semi closed border policy is truly unsustainable.

Skilled immigration does not share the same effect on the current infrastructure as unskilled immigration does due to the reduced poverty rate. As such the U.S. should encourage large amounts of skilled immigration and also encourage significantly reduced levels of unskilled immigration.

Skilled immigration is key to the growth of the U.S. It increases our greatest strength, our diversity. It also adds increases in tax revenue to the federal government. Also immigration also helps to reduce the effects of the reduced birth rate in the U.S. Again it is the skilled immigrant that we need more of, but we should also welcome smaller amounts of unskilled immigrants.

As for Washington being left or right, yesterday’s radicals become today’s conservative heroes.

Brice Petgen

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8 Responses to “Let Us Put Aside Ideologies”

  1. Bruce Says:

    I rest my case:



    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Bruce, The truth will set us free…but first it will make us mizerable.

      With our population reproductive rate (same for all of Western Culture), we have had to allow torrents of immigrants to keep our productivty up. This symptom reflects a much greater and much more threatening problem. Far as I can see, only the catholics and Muslims place a premium on fecundity. The Muslims are out reproducing all other religions (based upon my reading..thus far). If anyone knows different please let me kinow.

      VTM. 10/7/10


  2. Bruce Says:

    I recall some Asian neighbors that I had a couple decades ago. They certainly did tend to stay together as a close knit family. Most picked up skills, (and the English language by the way), as time went on – varied skills at that. They shared housing until one could break out on their own, who then shared their housing in turn, until each owned their own home. As time went by, they had varying and complimentary skills which they worked very hard at acquiring and using for the betterment of their own family and the group. They lived within their means, always keeping an eye on the goal – self reliance. Years later, many worked their way up to being business owners or at least holding respectable positions – thus fulfilling the American dream. None asked for government hand outs, as that simply was not the cultural mindset.

    I respect what they did and how they did it, even if other neighbors were put off by multi families living under one roof, as if that is some sort of crime.

    America was once the greatest at everything as we attracted those with the greatest minds and greatest work ethic. Certainly there is still room for the employment of this ideal and a practical method for filtering them in to the country.

    I only wish all Americans embrace/practiced the same work ethic.


  3. Brice Petgen Says:

    Unlimited skilled immigration is not feasible either. If we allow every skilled worker who wants to come her to in fact do so we would glut the market. Economic law of supply and demand states that as supply increases without an increase in demand then prices fall. Skilled immigration is subject to supply and demand. Unlimited skilled immigration would drastically reduce the wages of skilled professions. That would be fine for many immigrants due to the improved living conditions present in the U.S. American workers would see a drop in wages and leave the glutted fields (medicine, academia, technology) because of the inability to repay the loans to gain the education for a skilled profession. Also with the reduced wages resultant from unlimited immigration we would see higher incidences of nativism and xenophobia with the immigrants as scape goats again for a failed policy.
    I agree that we could use, and in fact need, very high amounts of skilled immigration, we also need to set an upper boundary for the aforementioned reasons. It may not be popular because many feel that it is right to welcome all and that it will work out. But that is wishful thinking. When deciding policy matters one should focus much more on what is and not what they wish.


  4. vtmawhinney Says:

    It just feels so good to be in agreement, at least in the main. Unlimited skilled immigration might go too far. I’d go with at least “liberal” skilled immigtration, With thourough background checks…no terroists allowed.



  5. Frank Fujita Says:

    That’s something I can support — if the conservatives will allow unlimited skilled immigration and the liberals will allow massive restrictions on unskilled immigration, then we could get beyond name calling.


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