If By decency and Propriety They Merit It!

If By decency and Propriety They Merit It!

The following quote is taken from an article on the original intent of 14th Amendment written by Mark Alexander, publisher of the Patriot Post.

The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.” –George Washington

This quote demonstrates how far from original intentions we have come in our thinking about immigration in America. Our boundaries must remain sacrosanct and open to only those who will be a mutual benefit to all of us and all of them. Selection criteria must be reevaluated regularly in light of this nations current needs for quality citizens and these criteria must be enforced.

I understand that the idea of setting criteria and enforcing rules is an anathema to the modern sensitivities of the political left. But no competitive, in any realm of competition–small or large–can prevail without them.

If George Washington could speak to us today, I believe he would be outraged at America’s management of immigration.

What do you think?


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4 Responses to “If By decency and Propriety They Merit It!”


    It is my belief,based on comments(recorded History) from friends,colleagues,statesmen,that President Washington was anti-Federalist(less Gov’t).

    His comments ring true today ever so more then in his time.

    The population,1800 Census,was est.5.3 million,thirteen states mostly along the eastern seaboard,inland as far as Pennsylvania.We wanted emigrants with good moral character and experienced craftsmenship to immigrate to America.The largest immigration to America was the Irish due to the potato famine in the ten year period 1846-1856.There were an estimated 2 million Irish immigrants during this period.

    Today Americas population is 310 million with a land mass(excluding water)of3.5 million square miles.We rank 3rd&4th in population/land mass respectively.China/India rank 1st/2nd in population,1.3/1.1 billion,and 3rd/7th,3.6/1.1 million sq.miles in land mass respectively.
    Russia,if your curious, has the largest land mass,6.5 million sq.miles and a population of 150 million.

    The point I’m trying to make is we more than ever need to be very selective in our naturalization/immigration policies.The two go hand in hand;however only naturalization is stated in the United States Constitution,immigration initially left to the States.Sad to say the Federal Gov’t has slowly attempted to take from the States their rights to control immigration.Of course the latest battle is the current Arizona immigration law which is being challenged by the Federal Gov’t which will be decided in SCOTUS(Supreme Court Of The United States).

    Born in the U.S.,or naturalized you must obey both Federal/State laws.


  2. Brice Petgen Says:

    Let us put aside ideologies, or at least try to minimize their influence. There are certain realities that occur with immigration as it currently exists. Immigrants tend to cluster together in similar areas. When you have a large influx of unskilled immigrants cluster in an area, you have a higher incidence of poverty. As the poverty increases then there is an increase in crime. It is not a function of ethnicity but of the relationship between crime and poverty. What happens when there is an atmosphere of come one come all is that we wind up inviting increased crime rates. That puts a strain on the society that the infrastructure is not prepared for. Also with an increase in unskilled immigration there is a direct effect on the social service system, medicaid, welfare, education, health care, etc. Again the infrastructure is not prepared for such an increase. The inability of the infrastructure to deal with the new consumers is a key reason why open border or semi closed border policy is truly unsustainable.
    Skilled immigration does not share the same effect on the current infrastructure as unskilled immigration does due to the reduced poverty rate. As such the U.S. should encourage large amounts of skilled immigration and also encourage significantly reduced levels of unskilled immigration.
    Skilled immigration is key to the growth of the U.S. It increases our greatest strength, our diversity. It also adds increases in tax revenue to the federal government. Also immigration also helps to reduce the effects of the reduced birth rate in the U.S. Again it is the skilled immigrant that we need more of, but we should also welcome smaller amounts of unskilled immigrants.

    As for Washington being left or right, yesterday’s radicals become today’s conservative heroes.


  3. Frank Fujita Says:

    When I read the paragraph from Washington, what I hear is that everyone is welcome to come to the US — as long as they behave themselves, by following our laws and not immigration laws.

    But I’d say that if our immigration laws welcomed all of the oppressed, and we gave them all of our privileges — that would indeed be pretty left wing. I didn’t know that George was a left winger.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      I think I see your point, Frank. It would sound as if the whole world would be welcome to America as long as they conducted themselves well. Maybe in his time, that could have work: The world being much less populated and only the smallest percent interested in coming to a raw and undeveloped America. Interesting thought! Today, we would be over-run and driven under with a truly open door policy.

      I would not wish to argue that George Washington was a left winger, I will leave that to others.

      I did not understand your point: “—by following our laws and not immigration laws.”



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