Rational Fears of Uncontrolled Immigration

Rational Fears of Uncontrolled Immigration

Immigration laws must control the flow of immigrants to our country and they must absolutely control the quality of the immigrants. Uncontrolled legal or illegal immigration is a catastrophe. A lack of control over the quantity and/or quality of immigration will destroy America.

The following discusses reality-based fears about uncontrolled immigration that echo through history and have to do with much more than dislike of, and discrimination against, foreigners.

I endorse the following passage taken from Paul Kennedys’ 1993 book, Preparing For The Twenty-First Century (p.41).

Because human beings (unlike migrating birds) require so much food, clothing, and shelter and demand many other items, migration always raises the issue of the allocation of resources. If food and land are plentiful, as in the Great Plains in nineteenth-century America, there may be less of a problem (except from the viewpoint of the Indians); if the resources are believed to be more limited, as felt in many European countries today, more migration will obviously raise the problem of providing for the immigrants. Moreover, large-scale immigration raises the fear of losing control of national boundaries and traditional sovereignty, the fear that an ethnically homogeneous or “pure” race will be altered through intermarriage, the fear not merely of foreign peoples but also of strange ways of life, religious norms, and cultural habits, of the newcomers encroaching upon the property, educational system, and social benefits owned by and largely paid for by the natives. More recently, concern has been expressed that illegal immigration into (for example) the United States is responsible for outbreaks of old and new diseases—cholera, measles, AIDS—which place a further strain upon the health-care system as well as provoking new resentments against migrants. Finally, there is always the resident population’s fear that if the immigration continues, they themselves may one day become a minority.

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V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 8/22/10

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3 Responses to “Rational Fears of Uncontrolled Immigration”

  1. Dallas Granite Company Says:

    It looks like January is the busiest season for an “Immigration attorney in the US”. I’m very curious if this is the case with others. I suspect the reason I’m always busy in January is because people are getting their refund checks. All year long I offer payment options, but I just don’t get the same response as January. If you know of other ideas please do not hesitate to contact me.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you do so from time to time and feel welcome to comment. I find it interesting that January is a busy month for Immigration attorneys. I knew nothing about that and do not know what drives this phenomenon…or what its other implications may be. Please tell me more that you might learn.




    Up front the problem with our immigration is the U.S Government has usurped by way of spurrious legislation the right to dictate U.S. Immigation policy.

    First lets distinguish Naturalization form Immingration.Naturalization matters enumerated in the U.S. Constitution,Article 1,section 8d, solely deals with citizenship requirements of legal aliens.Immigration is the flow(movement) of aliens into the various states of the U.S. No where in the Constitution does it expressly state that the Federal Gov’t has the right to administer/control Immigration.

    The 9th and 10th amendents of the U.S. Constitution give this power expressly to the States and the States only.There is absolutely no evidence the States have ever surrendered their authority or internal State immigration matters to the Federal Gov’t.The Constitution’s enumerated powers states nothing about immigration.What power not expressly granted means that it was expressly withheld.

    This subject was a major concern for the states before ratification of the U.S.Constitution in 1791; because of the reasons as stated in the comments of Paul Kennedys’ 1993 book, Preparing For The Twenty-First Century(p.41).States were very adamant about limiting powers to the newly formed U.S.Gov’t.

    During the past 200 years the Federal Gov’t has encroached upon States rights regarding Immigration sic.Congressional laws,court cases,due process of law interpretattions have certainly weaken States rights regarding this matter.

    It is my belief that the current Arizona law will be decided by the SCOTUS(Supreme Court Of The United States),and pray they get it right this time,otherwise as the saying goes “We are in heap big trouble”.


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