Can’t Understand Obama?!

Can’t Understand Obama?!

I have seen the “talking heads” express puzzlement and an inability to understand why President Obama does what he does.
Most folks I know also are dumbfounded by his behavior.

* Repeated massive stimulus spending that doesn’t stimulate
* Keeping business under the threat of increased expenses
* Resulting in highest unemployment in 30 years
* Forcing unpopular socialized medicine with increased costs
* This resulting in Government run health care
* Forcing Cap and Trade–a further blow to business recovery
* Cap n’ Trade will increase home energy costs $1700/ yr.
* Massive growth of Government with 13 Trillion budget deficits
* Prosecution of Arizona for enforcing its borders and laws
* Shutting down all drilling in the gulf
* Essentially shutting down our space program
* Directing the space program head to reach out to Muslims
* Disallowing prosecution of New Black Panthers intimidating
voters at a poll
* Government take-over of banks and auto-industry
* 32 Non-elected/non-public approved Czars
* Czars with socialist, communist or Marxist ideologies
* Stalling Military and Security decisions
* Attaching the 1st Amendment by muzzling the opposing media
* Apologizing to foreign nations about America
* Calling the U.S. Constitution ‘deeply flawed’
* Championing the ‘redistribution of wealth globally and in the
* Stating, “We are going to fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

All of this, and more that is coming, is designed to produce and intensify military, social and economic stressors in America.

Remember, Rahm Emanuel let the “cat-out-of-the bag” when he said that a crisis allows for things previously thought impossible to be accomplished. Historically, around the world, when people are in a terrible crisis they look to a bold, strong, and charismatic leader.

Hello President Barrack Hussein Obama!

How about the transformation of an American Capitalistic Republic into an American Socialist Republic?!

Remember, B.S. walks and Behavior talks. Watch the past behavior because it best predicts future behavior. An individual’s behavior patterns will best tell the intentions behind them.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

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3 Responses to “Can’t Understand Obama?!”


    A fine compilation of agenda items listed above our socialist government has been involved in…a vortex of ominous proportions that can be remedied in part this coming November when mid term elections are held.We have an opportunity to give the boot to socialist members of congress who support Obama the magician.

    However this is only an interim stop gap measure,we must continue to inform the public of the disaterous agenda, politically,militarily,economically,socially Obama has planned for this great country of ours.He must not be reelected to office in 2012.

    We still have an opportunity to reverse the course he is embarking on,but it must be done soon lest we lose the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for to preserve for us.

    Wake up America,we need a charismatic leader to lead this country by continuing to inform the populace of the frightful socialist agenda that is being forced upon us.We the people have the power,lets not let some usurper strip us of our dignity and freedom.We must be staunch and stand tall and us the vote to rid our country of this cancer.

    It is frustrating and flabbergasting to me that the hard working people of this country have allowed themselves to be mesmerism by the smoke and mirrors employed by our current government.

    What has happened to our work ethic?In the U.S.House of Representatives when Newt Gingrich was speaker of the House someone originated an expression that went something like this i.e.we need more people pulling the wagon instead of wanting to ride in the wagon.

    I urge all voting age Americans, if they value their freedoms, to vote these current usurpers out of office.


  2. Frank Fujita Says:

    Not only that, but he’s deporting illegal aliens.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Great to hear from you Frank. Your thoughts and remarks are always special and challenging. I’ve missed them.

      Obama’s administration is in chaos. He is deporting illegal aliens, he is not securing our boarders, and he is not moving against sanctuarly cities such as San Fran.. Nothing he does in this area, or any other of his
      initiatives makes any sense when viewed through a “wide lens”. Regarding deporting illegals and not securing our borders, that is like bailing a sinking boat and not pluging the hole.



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