Muslimizing America II

Muslimizing America II

Dear Gene,

I have had many friends and acquaintances (mostly fellow professors) who believe as you do. I have enjoyed debating with them over the years. It seems that we do not persuade each other, but others who listen-in may be influenced by the discussion and that is what free speech in liberal democracies is all about. So it may be with our discussion, but that will be a good thing too.

It is regrettable that when propositions, based upon strong research and documentation are promulgated, people often slander and vilify the communicator and/or the receivers. I see this done on both the political left and the right. However, current times are dominated by the progressive liberal left and political correctness is their favorite ploy: it is their game and strongest suit. Political correctness is a “blunt force” weapon used to pound the timid into silence and it works very well—but it works only on the timid. More to the point: Neither I, or the author (Robert Spencer) who I quoted and referenced, are spewing “vitriol”. Nor is what we are saying causing “paranoia”, “hatred”, or “rage”. Finally, our words are not irrational, nor are they causing irrational behavior.

There are several definitions of “rational thought” (i.e., having to do with logical analysis, or actions and thoughts that align with ones goals). I believe that everything that I had to say in the post, “Muslimizing America”, was based upon rational analysis. I also believe that any reader who became more concerned about stealth Jihad would also be thinking rationally.

The facts are that the Radical Islamic Jihadist movement, documented in the well-researched and authoritative books that I referenced on this topic (and elsewhere), now increasingly threatens the existence of liberal democracies around the world, including America. Islamic “Jihad” can consist of terrorist activity or surreptitious political activity designed to increasingly bring sociocultures under the rule of Sharia Law. Sharia Law is based on the Islamic Holy Book, the Qur’an.

The question should be: How will this fit in America, without the loss of what is quintessentially American?

The strongest and most self-defeating irrational behavior that I see, at this point, is that few of America’s citizens seem to notice or care about this continuation of the ancient Great Religious Crusades. From the perspective of Radical Islam, the Crusades have never ended.

When it comes to religious intolerance, few religions can compete with the Islamic religion. The Qur’an is replete with commands to slay and subjugate the pagans (often called infidels), especially Christians and Jews, wherever you can find them. Though all Christians may not follow the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule of The New Testament Bible, humility, peace, equality, kindness, and forgiveness are its main themes…not killing or enslaving the disbelievers.

Of course, we could all name Christians (or any other religion, including atheism—which is the worship of humans– who have done bad things. But to say:”Most of the damage to the planet, societies, and cultures has been wrought by Christians”; Or, “Christians have a disgraceful track record”; is by most long-term historical accounts simply not true. Here, I judge that your words, as you alleged of mine, are “over the top”. Others can decide who is correct on this matter.

In fact, it was the New Testament with its Christian ideals of love, kindness, and equal value among humans in the Eyes of God, that laid the foundation for the development of Western Civilization and the emergence of liberal democracies around the world with, voting (including suffrage), equal human rights and the ideal of equal treatment under the law. The idea that people can come together and vote to establish the laws they live under, as well as their own chosen leadership, is foreign to Sharia Law (based upon the Qur’an). Therefore traditional Islam is incompatible with liberal democratic societies. Please explain how Sharia Law in America will fit within our conception of Separation of Church and State?

Regarding your statements about the ruinous conquests by Christian nations, the concept of Manifest Destiny has been alive (in many iterations) since the beginning of time. It was, and still is, a Darwinian world and only the most fit sociocultures will survive for long.
In my view, a moderating influence upon this “dog-eat-dog” imperative in modern history has been the Liberal Democracies of the world who normally are not war-like, tend to avoid war with each other and who also tend to avoid Imperialism, in general.

The racial oppression that you justifiably condemn has been a staple of the world for all time. But in our time, America has replaced oppression with opportunity for minorities and has championed this human right ever since. In America, all that is left is for minorities to do is to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that are available in this great nation.
In one of your last remarks you said…” We have to be careful to not equate “Muslim” with “Terrorist”.

I agree with you on this point, with one proviso. I expect non-terrorist Muslims to vociferously reject and politically act against their fellow Muslims who are terrorists. Until I hear and see such activism from the Muslim community, I reserve my right to be suspicious of their possible Stealth Jihadist motives.

I do not mistake psychological, social or political naivety for sophistication. Nor do I mistake social, political, or economic chaos for personal freedom.

It remains a Darwinian world—liberal philosophy is largely irrational because it denies human nature and the ever-present brutal forces of natural selection among individuals and sociocultures. Conservative philosophy is largely rational because it embraces these facts. No one philosophy will have the best answer for every threat that confronts evolving Sociocultures. However, I am convinced that conservative principles and philosophies will generally provide the best odds for long-term survival among individuals and the sociocultures they comprise.

Finally, my dear friend, I am sorry to conclude that you are flat-out wrong about President Truman and “The Bomb”. If he had not used nuclear weapons on Japan during WWII it was, and still is, predicted that the war would have been significantly prolonged. Historical and recent predictions are that we would have lost many thousands more of our precious fighting men in an assault on the Japanese mainland and Japan also would have lost many thousands more killed and injured. I can agree with you that the nuclear bombing of Japan was a horrific event, but war is blood, guts and hell-on-earth and it had to be done.

If Japan or Germany would have beaten us to the creation of nuclear bombs, and a system to deliver them, they would have wildly celebrated the destruction of America and its allies. Then, you and I may never have lived long enough to enjoy the good fortune of knowing each other.
The truth will set us free: But, first it will make us miserable.

Gene, God’s Blessings to you and your loved ones. It was great to see you and Elsa at our 50th Class Reunion!

Tom 7/6/10

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5 Responses to “Muslimizing America II”

  1. Carey Barnhouse Says:

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  3. vtmawhinney Says:

    Hi Gene,

    Thanks for your thoughts. They provide an interesting contrast to my own. I will get back to you as soon as I can dig myself out from under some intense private practice demands. More later this week.



  4. Gene Says:

    Interesting exchange Tom but unconvincing and I’m sorry if you took my words as a personal attack. But how did you come up with “I am sorry to conclude that you are flat-out wrong about President Truman and “The Bomb”? I made no value judgement on Truman’s act, I simply stated the truth – Harry Truman, Mr. A-bomb, was a Christian. Justifying the slaughter of 250,000 (mostly) Shinto civilians, and the subsequent genetic damage to later generations because “it shortened the war” could be used in all wars. We have the H- bomb, Afghanistan does not, should we “shorten” the war by tossing a quick one on their major cities? Iraq has taken many lives and resources, do you want to shorten that war Truman’s way? The Muslims are militarily less sophisticated than America, would you use big one on Mecca and Medina – to shorten the war/s?
    I think you failed to grasp my point which was that, if we look at world history in the last 2000 years or so, we find that some of the most noteworthy depots, and destructive engagements, were led by “Christians”.
    I can see that you’ve given a lot of thought and historical reflection to many of your comments. I can’t help but remember, and sense the similarity, between your anti-Muslim posture and the anti-Communist hysteria that we all lived through in our youth. The Joe McCarthy era need not be repeated.
    I am not a defender of Muslims and have no stake in their success or failure but I would point out that of the many Muslims I’ve met around the world – none practices Sharia law. Just as very few Christians follow the Bible to the letter of the law, it is my impressin that few Muslims are strictly adherent to Sharia law. Just as Christians have hundreds, maybe thousands, of branches and sects – each placing ermphasis on a specific part or parts of the Bible, so too the Muslims have many varied branches. We’ve seen how the Sunnis and Shiites get along in Iraq.
    Like you, I am fed up with “political correctness”. My expressions only come from what I observe. Ethnocentrism abounds in America, particularly in our government. In the wide world that our capitalist tentacles have penetrated – every country is now “in our national interest”. The U.S. national police force, the FBI, now has offices and agents in capital cities around the world. The U.S. Coast Guard, protector of American shores, also patrols rivers in Bolivia, Colombia, and beyond. American military bases and servicemen dot the globe, while contracted mercenaries like Xe (Blackwater) do much of the heavy lifting.
    From where the Muslims sit, and the Buddhists, and the Hindus, and all the rest – America overseas represents “Christians in Action”. That may be an unjust assessment on their part, but that is the way it is.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Hi Gene,

      I explained in my last posting that I did not expect to convince you, but I would hope that your words and mine might be”convincing” to some others.

      Also, please do not mistake my vigorous and direct style of debate as evidence that I felt a “personally attack”. I did not take it that way. But, one of your first points was:

      “I consider your description of Muslims and their alleged “plot to take over America” is over the top and smacks of religious intolerance.”

      If that is not an attack upon my perspective and opinion, it should be. Anyway, intentions aside, I welcome your strong disagreement with me…it is a good thing. That some of your social and political views would clash with mine is to be expected because since adolescence we have had very different life-experiences. That too is a good thing, I would think.

      In your last comment, you said that you “made no value judgment on Truman’s act”. But strong condemnation of his act is implicit in your statement in your original comment:

      “Most of the damage to the planet, societies, and cultures has been wrought by Christians. Harry Truman, Mr. A-bomb, was a Christian. Timothy McVeigh was a Christian. The Nazis, the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood, all are Christians. Christians have a disgraceful track record.”

      Again, your intentions again aside, I believe that most readers would take your statement as a value judgment against Christians, as well as President Truman. Neither I, nor they (I think), “failed to grasp” your point, as presented above (i.e., “Christians have a disgraceful track record”). Of course there is some truth to some of what you said, but your value judgment is not implicit, it is explicit.

      Regarding my “some truth to some of what you said” reservations, I know of no authoritative statistical assessment of which religion, or religions (or lack religion), has done the “most of the damage to the planet, societies, and cultures”. If you know of such a data source, please let me know.

      In your second set of comments, you said: ” I can’t help but remember, and sense the similarity, between your anti-Muslim posture and the anti-Communist hysteria that we all lived through in our youth. The Joe McCarthy era need not be repeated.”

      I have known and respected some Muslims who live in the US. To my knowledge, they were very peaceful and accepted our social, economic and political system. They were very concerned about our endemic problems with ungoverned sexuality and addiction and the damaging effects, as am I.

      I am anti-Islamic terrorism and anti-Islamic stealth jihadism, the combination of which is capable of destroying America. His style was repugnant, but Joe McCarthy was correct about a communist threat to America. Their childrens’ children are now prominent in our federal government under the new rubric of secular progressive socialists. Obama and his radical leftists have achieved this amazing feat through their own unique brand of “Stealth Jihad”.

      No, I would not wish to use nuclear weapons to save lives in just any ol’ war. But I would never take that option “off the table”, as Obama recently did. I believe that World War II was a special case and others may also be in the future, God Forbid.

      As you said, “Ethnocentrism abounds in America”. The truth is abounds everywhere. I wish no harm to good and well-intentioned people anywhere in the world. I am ethnocentric only to the extent that I will root for America to remain the most powerful and productive socioculture in the world. To my regret, that is not looking very likely at this time.

      Gene, I am happy we agree on the political correctness matter. Therefore, we agree to evaluate ideas on their merit and to uphold the First Amendment of our Constitution. I agree that we should cut our meddling and policing the world to a level of bare necessity. We should then put resulting surplus of financial and human energy resources into strengthening and sustaining America within our own borders.

      Like you, I too see that Americans are viewed negatively over-seas. However, I think that this is an unjust assessment.

      Warm regards, Tom


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