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Black Times For Conservationists

June 11, 2010

Black Times For Conservationists

I am in favor of conservation and a clean planet and much of the rest that goes with it: But not all.

We do need to develop alternative sources of energy. Maybe as long as we have oil to fall back on we will not move forward on the alternative energy front…waiting for a crisis to develop new energy has been ever so in the history of mankind. Still, it was not sensible for government and conservation activists to prohibit oil drilling on land and in shallower waters, where accidents do not need to become catastrophes.

While the administration is looking for some “a—s to kick”, they might give a couple of swift kicks to themselves, former administrations, and to the radical conservation (green movement) for their role in driving the oil industry into impossible (given current technology) challenges in their search for oil.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 6/11/10

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