Support Your Second Amendment

Support Your Second Amendment

The truth is, when bad people think you may be armed, they act accordingly!

Criminals may be stupid, but they understand the following: Probable immediate painful consequences control behavior.

Lets see to it that law-abiding American citizens retain their right to protect themselves and their loved ones through the use of legally procured firearms.

Protect the innocent with you power to vote the gun grabbers out of office!

V Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 5/31/10

Vol. 17, No. 21 05/28/10
FBI Data Again Shows More Guns = Less Crime

Anyone needing proof that fanaticism for gun control hasn’t waned on Capitol Hill, that anti-gunners are — as Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) put it last year — only waiting to “pick the time,” should watch the video of Mexican president Felipe Calderon’s speech to Congress last week, versions of which have been posted on When Calderon asked that the federal “assault weapon” ban be re-imposed, a very large number of U.S. Representatives and Senators present gave him a standing ovation.

However, on Monday the FBI released crime statistics that should cause the applauding anti-gunners to sit on their hands. The statistics indicate that between 2008 and 2009, as gun sales soared, the number of murders in our country decreased 7.2 percent. That amounts to about an 8.2 percent decrease in the per capita murder rate, after the increase in our nation’s legal and illegal population is taken into account. And it translates into about a 10.5 percent decrease in the murder rate between 2004, when the ban expired, and the end of 2009. And finally, it means that in 2009 our nation’s murder rate fell to a 45-year low.

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3 Responses to “Support Your Second Amendment”

  1. Brice Petgen Says:

    The second amendment is perhaps the most important in protecting the rights and freedoms of the republic. Without the second amendment, there is no deterrent to prevent the government from violating all the other freedoms. When in the course of human events a government ceases to respect the people who give it power, the people must overthrow said government. Thankfully we have never had to use violence to protect ourselves from our government. But the fact that we have the tools required to defend ourselves from the government has kept us much safer than the other amendments have.


  2. Frank Fujita Says:

    I support the 2nd amendment. But let’s not forget the other amendments that make up the bill of rights either. And the later amendments are also worthwhile too.


  3. Brice Petgen Says:

    If we look at the stats from any major city that enacts hand gun bans, violent crime rates increase. When cities or states enact conceal carry laws violent crime rates reduce. These facts are irrefutable.

    When in this debate I always ask when a gun shot someone by itself. There is always someone pulling the trigger. A gun is a tool, much like a hammer, a human is required in the use of said tool. besides the most dangerous weapon anyone can posses is there mind. Any special operator or martial artist will tell you that.

    In closing I would like to ask Sen. Feinstein the immortal words of Archie Bunker, “would you feel any better if they were thrown out of windows little girl?”


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