Gergen on Big Government

Gergen on Big Government

The following quote, in bold, is taken from Parade, May 9, 2010. These are David Gergen’s words.

Republicans now argue—with increasing justification—that we are creating more government than we need, more than we want, and certainly more than we are willing to pay for. Consider just a few statistics.

** Public spending by federal, state, and local government was 24% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 1950, 35% before the great recession, and could hit 44% this year.

**The Tax Foundation estimates 60% of all Americans now receive more in income benefits from government than they pay into government, and that with new policy directions the number will grow to closer to 70%.

**The Tax Policy Center has found that while everyone is expected to pay payroll taxes, only 47% of American households now pay federal income taxes.

**The European Union has agreed that it is dangerous for a country to allow its publicly held debt to exceed 60% of it GDP. The Congressional Budget Office says that the U.S. could hit 60%by the end of this year, and on its current course could hit 100% by 2020.

**Meanwhile, The Economist estimates that the federal government now employs a quarter of a million people to write and enforce regulations.

Personally I find these trends troubling. If they continue, we will diminish both the vitality and prosperity of the nation. Government should be compassionate and yet lean. But I recognize that others who care just as much about the county’s future sharply disagree. Our challenge is whether we can put down our daggers and once again work together in a civil, creative spirit. We clearly have the means to solve our problems; what is less clear is whether we have the collective will.

End of Gergen quote.

I agree that our down fall may be our lack of collective will to return to our fundamental Constitutional government, and in doing so, reject the our penchant to vote ourselves largess at the expense of a diminishing percentage of tax paying citizen victims.

I do not belive that those who are moving us closer to European style Socialist disasters “care just as much about our country’s future”. Without question the current administration is striving to transform our socioculture into something completely alien to anything we have ever seen in this nation.

Post-Modern Progressive Liberals are now in control of our government and they are dedicated to creating a Socialist United Sates of America.

Our collective ignorance and blindness to recent swashbuckling moves towards all-out socialism and governmental control over every aspect of our lives is as amazing as it is terrifying.

Be a good behaviorist. Do not listen to what they say—- wake-up and watch what they are doing!

Then vote the socialist, open border, new world order, regressive republicans and democrats out of office.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 5/24/10

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One Response to “Gergen on Big Government”

  1. Brice Petgen Says:

    It is said that empires rot from within. And that saying is correct. Of all the money we (taxpayers via the morons in D.C.) spend little of it goes to improving the infrastructure that is aging quicker, and less durably, than Keith Richards. The United States is spending itself into oblivion. Let us look at Greece, Portugal, and the U.K. Each of these allies has a very strong socialist society. Greece is bankrupt, Portugal and the U.K. are teetering on the brink. This is a teachable moment, but progressives do not see the writing on the wall and continue to march to the left. When societies go the socialist route the end up like Greece broken and rotting like the Spartans after Thermopylae. The U.S. will be Greece in my PROFESSIONAL lifetime. What a scary thought.

    There is also a saying that the barbarians are at the gates. This usually indicates that there is time to correct the mistakes and save the empire. Unfortunately the barbarians are in the gates. Guess what we (the citizenry in general and politicians in particular) invited them in. I do not feel that there is hope for a change. No one is willing to make the required decisions and sacrifices to stave off the fall of the republic. I am ashamed that my generation will live to see the dreams of Franklin, Adams, Washington, Madison, and the founders die on OUR watch.

    An aside. In the latest Star Wars film there is a line that goes something like this, ” So that is it, democracy dies with the sound of thunderous applause.” Our society has applauded while it votes itself more and more for “free”. So I wager that democratic governance in this country is dying as well.


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