Look-Out For The Blind-Side Divorce!

Look-out For The Blind-Side Divorce!

My client is depressed and discheveled: He or she is in a lot of shock and pain. I have seen this situation over and over again for 30 years.

The person tells me that they “never saw it coming” and now, suddenly, their mate’s “mind is made-up” and they are leaving. All too often there is little to be done except help the blind-sided individual cope as effectively as they can.

There are many reasons for the blind-side break-up or divorce.

One frequent reason is that the departing loved one has found someone else to love. Sometimes the blindsided one did the same thing. Occasionally this is because someone has issues with loyalty. More often the dying relationship had an affair because it had been dying for years, it had grown increasingly empty and one (or both) did nothing to save it.

Often, what has happened is that one or both members of a couple (married or not)have stopped making the other person a priority in their lives, they stopped telling and showing, in countless ways, how special the other person is and how much they love them. They have stopped being friends and taking time to plan fun things and play together. These things can happen to a once good relatinship for many reasons.

Finally, there is mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse/addiction, and physical or emotional abuse.

The fact is that loving and caring feelings and emotions in a relationship can wither and die-out if not fed and nurtured. This degenerative process can progress beyond the point where many people are unwilling to work to repair their relationship.

Fail to deal effectively with any of these problems and growing resentment, anger and disgust, along with the belief that nothing will ever change, can destroy your relationship. This process is often slow and insidious and it can take years to develop.

Look for signs of trouble and talk them over. Listen to feedback from trusted friends and loved-ones. Act earlier rather than later, acting earlier is symbolic of your love, acting too late is frequently symbolic of fear and dependency. Seek the assistance of a Ph.D. level psychologist experienced in relationship counseling. Personality testing is often very helpful to this process.

Look-out for the blind-side divorce and the great damage it can do to families, their children, and to our socioculture.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.      4/25/10

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3 Responses to “Look-Out For The Blind-Side Divorce!”

  1. Jana Martin Says:

    With so many people under the pressures of lost jobs, lost insurance coverage, and higher prices, the very things needed to help the downward spiraling marriages are no longer available, such as; counseling, vacations, a night out, and needed living items. Couples can grow apart with the pain, or it can force them together. It’s time to get humble and seek the many resources available. There are so many people with the love of Christ in their hearts who want to help. There are food banks, churches with free counseling, and activities that cost little or nothing. The couples need to cry about it and laugh about it together.


  2. Brice Petgen Says:

    I have a couple of friends who are getting divorced. Blind sided the one and the friends as well. What a destructive event divorce can be.


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