“Health Care in a Free Society”

“Health Care in a Free Society”

This is the title of an address that Paul Ryan, sixth term congressional member, gave at Hillsdale College. It was publish in Imprimis, February 201o. The following quotes are some of Paul Ryan’s Main points. The regular print are my additions, the bold print are Ryan’s direct quotes.

1) …the right to care for one’s health does no imply that government must provide the care, any more than our right to eat, in order to live, requires government to own the farms and raise the crops.

2) Government’s constitutional obligations in regard to protecting such rights are normally met by establishing the conditions for free markets—markets which historically provide an abundance  of goods and services, at an affordable cost, for the largest number.

3) …we need only look at this history of Medicare and Medicaid—a history in which fraud has proliferated despite all efforts to stop it and failure to control cost has become a national nightmare.

4) The federal takeover of health care that those bills represent would subsume approximately on-sixth  of our national economy. Combined with spending at all levels, government would then control about 50 percent of total national production.

5) (He advocates) the model  consistent with our Constitution, in which health care providers compete in a free and transparent market, and in which individual consumers are in control.

6) Bureaucrats don’t make decisions about health care according to persona need or preference: they ration resources according to a dollar-driven social calculus.

7) (The government will use) a ‘whole life system’ in which government makes treatment decisions based on average life expectancy and ‘social usefulness’—-(decisions would be made by) a Medicare board of unelected ‘specialists’ whose job it would be  to determine the program’s treatment protocols as a method of limiting costs.

8).  Ryan suggest a system a system guided by political liberty and economic principles:

     A. …everyone paying for health care should receive the same tax benefits.

     B. …we need high-risk insurance pools in the states so that those with pre-      existing conditions can obtain coverage that is not prohibitively expensive, and so that costs in hon-high-risk pools are stabilized.

     C. …we need to unlock existing health care monopolies by letting people purchase health insurance across state lines—just as they do care insurance and other goods and services. This is a simple and obvious way to reduce health care costs.

     D. …we need to establish transparency in terms of costs and quality of health care. …Unless the consumer is able to compare prices and quality of services– unless he has an incentive to base choices on that information, as he does in purchasing other goods and services—there is not really a free market.

9) Americans understand that the problems facing your health care system today, real as they are,  can be addressed without nationalizing one-sixth of the American economy and moving us passed the tipping point toward a European-style social welfare state.

Today, we will see if the progressive socialists have pulled off a revolution. You had better hope and pray that they fail.

V. Thomas Mawhinney   3/22/2010


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One Response to ““Health Care in a Free Society””

  1. Dale Says:

    And what is the difference between the agricultural policies of the US and HCR? (Other than forced participation which irks me to no end).
    I suspect that Rep. Ryan will not lead the charge to change dairy price supports.
    There is no control over production or limitations of options in HCR. How can this be socialism? It is big government, but not socialism.
    And how can this be a revolution when Rep. Ryan favors HCR in a different format?
    The struggle will be to prevent unusual or ineffective or secondary medical practices from becoming required diagnostic procedures or treatments by law. Hospitals will not want to give up charging for a speech therapist to check for a cleft palate when a baby is born.


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