I am reading Dick Morris & Eileen McGann’s Book, Catastrophy…And How to Fight Back.  So far I am impressed with the documentation as well as their straight-forward writing style. There are plenty of graphics that are also clear and very informational.

on p. 24, he notes that “historically, the adjective ‘socialist’ has referred to people who believe that the government should own the means of production”.

He then states on p. 25, ” In modern geopolitics, however, the term ‘socialist’ refers broadly to the Social Democratic ideology followed by the left-leaning political parties of Western Europe, who want to expand the role of government in their countries. They want to establish a broader cradle-to-grave social welfare system and to widen the influence of public institutions”

He notes that the best way to judge where any particular nation is on the scale of socialism to capitalism, is to calculate that nations percent of GDP derived from governmental spending.

He then notes that before president Obama’s spending proposals, the total government spending of the U.S. was 36.4.%.  Eight major nations are more socialistic than we are (Japan 37.5%, Canada 40.1%, United Kingdom 43.7 %, Netherlands 47.1%, Germany 47.5%, Italy 48.6%. France 54.0%., and  Sweden 57.0%).

Morse then provides a table of calculations ( p. 25) which factor in the additional governmental spending proposed under Obama and raises the percent of U.S. government spending of GDP to 49.4%.  

Under President Obama’s spending (stimulus package, supplemental appropriations, health care) we shoot up to near the head of the socialist class! We  are just ahead of Italy, only to be surpassed by France and Sweden.

Wow! If we allow Obama to continue on his merry spending program, we will soon be able to claim our position as the #1 socialist nation among our peers. Just wonderful……..

Thankfully, he concludes by relieving my civic conscience. He assures that calling Obama’s spending programs,”socialist is no political slur. It’s a simple description”.

I am now greatly relieved! How about you?

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.   3/1/2010


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