“Why Are Citizens So Blind?”

Why Are Citizens So Blind?”
Vic Palenske sent the following comment. I believe Vic’s thoughts  merited a general posting—so here it is.
VTM, 1/16/10
Your blog today was great.  I saw the same show ( I watch Beck every day since I am home then).  It was magnificent.  Of course, I see the production values of the filming, as much as the message and it was over and above for an afternoon ‘news’ show.  Why don’t liberals see what we/Beck sees?  Is the mass death justified in their eyes, or don’t they believe it, do they justify the passion of the socialist message while dismissing the genocide as just politics, or is the whole thing seen as a gross exaggeration?  No nuances here – if Hitler, Mao, Stalin/Lenin actually did it, then they did— its black and white.
My conservative values are really quite basic, as are yours.  Why are Mao, Che, and the Russians protected from students in school?  I differ with only one of your conclusions – that a similar situation could never happen in the US.  I differ in that with Obama chipping away our freedoms and our way of life sometimes it feels like the dictator nature of his predecessors ARE possible here.  A massive breakdown in our economy coupled with banning of firearms for citizens and enactment of an Acorn type organization with guns and instructions to control the population would go a long way toward a totalitarian existence.  Why are citizens so blind?   

Vic Palenske

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One Response to ““Why Are Citizens So Blind?””

  1. Frank Fujita Says:

    I’m not your average democrat (in fact, I’m not any type of democrat) but I did vote for Obama. I didn’t see “Live Free or Die.” I certainly don’t see anything to emulate or adulate about Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot or Che. But modern socialists have very little to do with these figures of the past, just as modern conservatives have very little to do with Tojo, Pinochet or Franco.

    I’m unaware that Obama has restricted our second amendment rights in any way — can you provide a link to a news story about that? In terms of a massive breakdown of our economy — it’d seem that he could have done that very easily — by letting all of the banks fail. Certainly there are enough people who are upset that he didn’t let them fail.


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