Beating Black and White Heads

Beating Black and White Heads

On the nightly news, I watched as a black adolescent on a school bus repeatedly beat a white adolescent about the face and head with what I feared was lethal force. The white teen looked stuporous and offered no resistance as his head snapped away from each horrible punch, much like that of a yet supple dead man. I feared for the white kids life. A throng of other highly agitated black adolescents crowded around and cheered the face and head beater to beat more.

Have whites been guilty of such acts against blacks? Yes, without question.

Is there racial hatred between some blacks and some whites?  Yes, without question.

Have race relations improved in America?  Yes, President Obama is living proof that it has.

What is next to do?

  • Redouble our efforts to enjoin and reward good relations between all citizens of all races.
  • Forget about “hate crimes” and just punish the hell out of anyone who perpetrates violence against another.
  • Totally disregard the race, color, or creed of the criminals and the victims.
  • Stop the politics of race immediately!

VTM, 9/21/09


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One Response to “Beating Black and White Heads”

  1. Terri Krause Says:

    I think this would benefit from a Poll. I would be interested in the response. Terri


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