A Bullet Between The Eyes

A Bullet Between The Eyes

Today a man in Boston stalked his wife, who left him to live in a woman’s shelter, and shot her twice in the head and once in the chest at a bus stop in front of a dozen teenagers. Her two young children also stood and watched their mother die a terrible death.

Everywhere I hear the call for tolerance from the prevailing radical left. But, what we really need is less tolerance: We need a great deal less tolerance.

We need less tolerance as a society for divorce, adult pregnancy out-of-wedlock, teen-age pregnancy, all other forms of irresponsible sexual behavior, child physical and sexual abuse, drug abuse, profanity, robbery, drive-by shootings, and yes, even killing mothers in front of their children at a bus stop.

We will now spend a million dollars to sentence the mother shooting man to prison for life. A place where he can join a gang, enjoy illegal drugs and a hot sex life, lift weights, watch T.V., study law, and sue the Government for inhumane conditions (at our expense).

What that man really needs is a bullet between his eyes—this minute.

VTM, 10/23/07

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One Response to “A Bullet Between The Eyes”

  1. Brice Petgen Says:

    I, and a very good friend, often state that in some ways a barbaric society is far more civilized than a civilized one. Let us look at pedophiles. Conservative estimates of recidivism hover around 50%. That means that 1 out of every 2 offenders will repeat the behavior when free. In a barbaric society those offenders would be killed, thus preventing future victims and all the psychological effects of victimization. I ask which is more civil and tolerant. The society that attempts to prevent further acts or the society that is willing to put others at risk for the benefit of a single offender?


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