The Greatest Nation Ever

The greatest nation ever to exist on planet earth expends its wealth of human and natural energy like a firework that spins brightly and madly in one place……only to finally wobble weakly off course and smolder to a disappointing end.

V. T. Mawhinney


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2 Responses to “The Greatest Nation Ever”

  1. Mark Mawhinney Says:

    I recently spent some time in northern Michigan, and the only TV reception was canadian stations. It was interesting how they have programs that copy the US programming, but with different actors. It was more interesting to be exposed to a very intent media mission to instill patriotism and national pride to be Canadian. They take a great deal of pride in their multi-culturalism, and promote what it means to be a good Canadian. They spoof the American culture of self centered, special interest groups that benefit at the expense of the majority. I watched comedy sketches about american culture. I think they were trying to show how “not” to be a good Canadian. I believe our TV networks and media in the US could learn a lesson from our neighbors to the north. If we spent more air time promoting the desired culture, rather than just reporting our failures, we might find that that more people would be proud to be American again.


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